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Mooney Woods & Nogle

Mooney Woods & Nogle

We're all about the music.

MOONEY WOODS AND NOGLE, based in the Olympia, WA area, grew out of the band Carrowmore, begun with two musicians in 2006. Our backgrounds are varied and we all have a heart for the traditional music from across the pond and beyond. What sets us apart? High quality original music -- both Phillip and Bill are quite prolific composers in the traditional style.

Phillip Mooney is the unforgettable voice of Mooney Woods and Nogle. He has been singing and playing music in one form or another since he was a young lad. Phill sang as a principal tenor for many years in the classical genre, where he performed operas, concerts and recitals around the United States. Phill has come full circle now, singing and playing music of the Celtic and American folk styles. In the past few years, he has written many tunes and songs and has arranged most of the pieces featured on our debut cd, simply titled "Mooney Woods and Nogle", and our new cd, “Full Moon Rising“. Phill plays many musical instruments, including a Fender FM52E mandolin, a Tyler Mountain bouzouki, a Taylor 410 guitar, a Salvi Egan harp, and a Yamaha Portable Grand DGX keyboard synthesizer.

Bill Woods has a notable musical history in the Northwest as a fine bodhran player. He has been the drumming force in many Irish, Welsh and Scottish bands since the 1980s. Bill also plays many other musical instruments, but considers the bodhran (Irish drum) to be his main instrument. Bill has given numerous workshops and private instruction on and around the Puget Sound region in Washington State.

Bill has recorded with Keltoi, Broken Temple, and Spherix and has done session work with many recording projects. In addition, Bill is a composer and many of his compositions have been performed, recorded and used on a documentary soundtrack. On our new cd, we feature a new set by Bill. Intent was to record several more, but time ran out when our fiddler landed in surgery with repair work to her bow hand and arm.

Our talented Bill plays multiple instruments on our cd‘s. He is also our recording engineer. FOR BODHRAN PLAYERS OR THOSE WHO ASPIRE! BUY BILL'S UNIQUE, USER-FRIENDLY BODHRAN TECHNIQUE BOOK AND CD, PUBLISHED IN 2009 BY MEL BAY. Clear, integrated, ground-breaking instruction.

Peggy Nogle-Mott has been a performing violinist and instructor for many years, playing classical, romantic, popular and liturgical music. Her ancestral roots are in Scotland, Ireland, Wales and England. Born and raised in the Northwest, Peggy spent many years as a freelance musician in the California Bay Area. She has now returned to the Northwest and is enjoying learning the Celtic styles of playing. When not part of Mooney Woods and Nogle, Peggy continues to teach budding violinists in the Gig Harbor and Olympia areas.

Peggy plays a contemporary 1986 William Whedbee violin with a French Justin Poirson silver mounted bow circa 1900.


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